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Civil, Geotechnical and Structural Engineering

Since our inception in 1996, we have built our reputation on providing quality, cost-effective engineering solutions to our clients. Our unique ability to mesh technical expertise, project communication, and computer efficiency allows us to provide an unmatched level of service to our clients. Our "design by engineers" philosophy and technical resources greatly enhance our firm's ability to deliver an exceptional product.

"Experience, dedication, technical resources, and a quality staff are all vital elements of firms providing consulting engineering services. Seidler Engineering provides all these in a professional firm that
delivers quality and service to our clients." - Kurt O. Seidler, P.E., principal engineer

Civil & Government: SEI provides a diverse knowledge base in both Municipal and Development projects. Our firm will strive to take all project aspects into consideration and deliver a product that provides careful implementation and, most importantly, value. SEI is determined to meet each client's individual needs from the smallest question to large scale investments in infrastructure improvements.  learn more >>

Geotechnical: Most capital improvement projects involve separate civil, geotechnical and structural engineering firms, yet these fields are all interrelated and interdependent. SEI offers civil, geotechnical and structural engineering services, giving our team a unique advantage over other firms due to our expertise in all these areas of practice. If practical, we typically utilize the same engineer throughout an entire project, ensuring a thorough and complete set of project documents.  learn more >>

Structural:   Seidler Engineering combines technical expertise and practical experience to provide our clients with an economical and functional engineering design. We are experienced in designing with the "basic" structural materials: concrete, masonry, soil, steel, and wood. In addition, we have engineered solutions using other, non-standard materials, such as autoclaved aerated concrete, carbon fiber reinforced concrete, and geogrid reinforced earth retaining structures.We use the latest technology and state-of-the-art software for our design. Seidler Engineering has invested a considerable amount of time and capital to keep our firm equipped with the latest structural engineering tools. We have several finite element analysis programs, structural design programs, and specialized software for the analysis and design of bridges, buildings and public works facilities.  learn more >>

How do I know which type of Service I need?
While it is difficult to speculate what each client needs will be, SEI can assist in determining what services each project will require. Insightful discussions held during the preliminary planning stages of projects will allow prospective client to consider all possible aspects of the work, therefore reducing unforeseen problems that can slow and make the implementation of any project troublesome.

What is involved in an Investigation (structural, forensic, etc.)?
The Seidler Engineering team provides a complete approach to structural and forensic investigation projects. Although we understand each project presents its own challenges and needs, we typically begin this type of project by meeting with our client to assess their needs and expectations regarding the future service life of a structure as well as any problems encountered with the structure. Only after we understand the future use and life expectancy of a structure can we implement an appropriate testing program and prepare a complete structural condition survey of the structure with appropriate conclusions and recommendations.

Do you offer any type of "Engineering Packages" if I need multiple services?
SEI is able to package many services into various projects. We can combine civil site work with a preconstruction geotechnical investigation, structural engineering and construction administration and inspection and testing services to deliver a complete start to finish service. We will provide as much assistance as our clients require - from the preliminary planning to the final inspection and acceptance of a project, SEI can assist in the delivery of a quality product over a multitude of tasks.


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