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Project Details  
Name: Co Steel - Bailey Business Park
Location: North Jackson, Ohio
Completion Date: 2000

Project Description

As an integral part of the project design-build team, Seidler Engineering served as both the geotechnical and structural engineer-of-record for this 307,000 square foot building. The facility, which is used for steel fabrication and warehousing, has four overhead cranes that run the entire length of the building as well as rail access at the east end.

Our geotechnical services on this project included a pre-design subsurface investigation as well as quality control testing during fill placements and foundation construction. Unique geotechnical challenges on this project include:

  • Recommendations for the design of railroad spurs into the building area,
  • Excavation of on-site shale and its inclusion in fill placements, and
  • Use of perimeter grade beams to eliminate the use of square footings under exterior columns and reduce differential settlements.

The building is supported on a combination of interior spread footings and continuous perimeter grade beams. Since the project was built during colder months, trench footings were used to expedite and simplify construction. The trenched footings were analyzed as beams on elastic foundations and reinforced with a combination of top and bottom horizontal reinforcing, as well as stirrups. Reinforcing steel was designed based on the maximum positive and negative stresses from the exterior column reactions. This design procedure eliminated the need for 62 additional spread footings along the building sidewalls.


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