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Project Details  
Name: Norfolk & Southern Railroad Bridge over Little Yankee Run
Location: Hubbard, Ohio
Completion Date: 2001

Project Description
This unique project required the complete removal of a 150-foot long truss superstructure and its replacement with a two-span plate girder superstructure in a 12-hour time frame. Seidler Engineering was retained by the contractor to provide the necessary engineering for this task.
After discussion with the client, it was decided to build a temporary structure beneath the existing truss. This structure extended about 28-feet on each side of the existing bridge. The intent was to construct the new bridge next to the existing. Once the new bridge was built, the existing bridge was to be jacked from the temporary support structure and pushed aside with Hilman Rollers. After new bearing devices were installed, the new bridge was slid in place along a track.
Since site soils consisted of alluvial deposits and bearing capacity was a problem, H-piles were driven to support the temporary structure. The piles were driven to refusal to provide adequate bearing. Estimated settlement calculations were within 1/4-inch of those measured during the move.
Used bridge beams were then installed across the tops of the piles to carry the concentrated load of the existing truss and new plate girders. Extensive cross-bracing and support piles were installed to resist the lateral loads and provide overall stability for the move.
Extensive checks were made to verify horizontal and vertical clearances. Since a new intermediate pier was constructed prior to this work, our staff verified elevations prior to plan preparation to assure a smooth move.
Our familiarity with scrap material available to our client allowed us to use pile and beam sizes on-hand from past projects. This provided a considerable saving on material cost.
The bridge was moved on November 9, 2001. All work went according to plan and no unforeseen problems occurred. Not only did our client meet the required 12-hour deadline, they finished the work 3-1/2 hours early.


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